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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mid Year Evaluation

It's a little early for the mid-year evaluation, but I have the time now and may not have it July 1. So far, I have read 91 books which is ahead of where I planned to be. I started with a list of 100 regular books (audio or print) and 25 classics that I wanted to read. Some were on the list because I have the books here at home and would like to read them and send them on their way to make room for more books. What has happened is that I keep reading books that are not on my list. At first, I kept expanding the list, but it is getting ridiculous. The list is found on Ravelry, a knitting group under the group 52 Books in 52 Weeks. The reason this is happening is that I am downloading audiobooks from my library and other free sites like LibriVox. If I a listening to a book then I can do many other things and thus get in reading time where no time existed. The problem is that a lot of books on my list aren't audiobooks.

I have finally started eliminating some of the books I planned to read in favor of books that I find through my audio sources. There are still some books that I won't take off my list, but others I can sacrifice like the whole Brother Cadfel series which, so far, I haven't found as audio books or on CD. It is almost time for me to leave for Virginia where I will have a whole new library system to hunt for books in and hopefully, many of these books will be found in audio format and I can save my book reading time for the books I want to read and find a new home for. I have really gotten addicted to doing something else while listening so that now it seems like wasting time if I am not doing two things at once...what a sorrowful statement! However, I have the cure! I am knitting while I am reading and can now feel virtuous again...not a sense is wasted. Arms are not danging useless at my sides, but are busy creating hats and baby blankets for charity and sweaters for my grandkids. I am on track again!

The next part of my resolution is also going well. I am writing a review of each book I read and transferring it to this blog. I did get a little behind in Goodreads, so I have a few books I have to go back a do a review for, but I am pretty near caught up. I see from my list of posts on this blog; however, that I have not transferred every review to this site. That is a pain in the neck because I have to go back and look through the list of book on Goodreads and see what I have missed. Right now I am trying to find a way to turn the Goodreads list into a spreadsheet so I can go over it quickly, but that may be just too much trouble. I'll see how much time I have this summer.

All in all, I am very pleased with my progress on the classics too. I have added a few to that list also, but I am on track and should make my goal. I wish I could say the same with my knitting and housework:>)

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