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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

13 year old babysitter charged in death of toddler. Who is to blame?

This is a hard one. It's a tragedy all around.

A 13-year-old babysitter accused in the death of a toddler claims she was simply trying to calm the child by "wiggling" her, but prosecutors say Ashley Howes murdered Freya Garden in a manner consistent with shaken-baby syndrome.

King County prosecutors say the teen confessed in a police interview to shaking the fussy 19-month-old girl at least twice while babysitting her and her 5-year-old sister.

But defense attorney Bryan Hershman told Court TV that his client never admitted to harming Freya and that the statement does not amount to a confession.

Almost 10 months following the Jan. 16 incident, a Seattle juvenile court judge will begin deciding next week whose version is more believable.

1 comment:

marx8495 said...

This girl is innocent. Her parents shouldn't send her out to babysit out so far from home. An the parents of Freya(baby)should be blamed. You can't let a 13 year old in charge of 19 month and 5 year old children. You can't expect her to be able to control these small children the oldest only 8 years younger than herself.

I am glad this girl was let go because I think it is totally unfair that they pulled words out of her and made her say what they wanted. They were playing with her mind. I understand that this girl didn't read her rights "correctly" but for a 13 year old she did good. Her exact words were, "I have to wait." They were expecting her to say, "I have the right to an attorney..."

Who agrees that this is unfair to the girl? She didn't understand what was going on. How was she suposed to know that wiggling her, or "shaking" her, as the police called it, was going to hurt the baby she was only a 13 year old looking to take care of some children and help out a family. And if anyone saw this episode on courttv, the parents did drugs, drank alchohol, and had been in jail. The mother's boyfriend was accused of harassment. And the young babysittier was blamed.

This was a horrible event.